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Welcome to beauty lumis – we develop and produce innovative treatment methods for beauty and skincare.

One of our focus areas is aesthetic body shaping. The SLIMYONIK | AIR is also suitable for a wide range of beauty, wellness and sports treatment applications.

The BYONIK® method comprises a holistic skin treatment concept. The PTL laser from BYONIK® stimulates cell functions important for vital skin and a youthful appearance. The BIO-Lifting treatment is complemented by BYONIK® hyaluron and an individual range of care products.

n.you drinking vials are a vibrant boost for your skin. Containing zinc, biotin and collagen, n.you ensures vitality and beauty from the inside out – in cranberry and pomegranate flavour.

In collaboration with our research department, we have developed innovative skin care products to complement the BYONIK treatment. They are suitable for practically every skin type and offer concentrated active ingredients specially designed for every application.

‘The most important tool in my facility is the BYONIK® cold laser. Skin cells eventually lose their own energy. Cell processes responsible for youthful-looking skin slow down. Microdamage occurs. The facial contours sag. The skin-rejuvenating effects of the BYONIK® treatment can counteract this effectively. Unlike other treatments, the laser tightens the skin from the inside without damaging it. This enables me to achieve fast, visible, effective and long-lasting improvements to the appearance of the skin. And this is exactly what the client is looking for. The BYONIK® method is therefore an important part of all my treatments.’ Studio location: VohburgAnnemarie Wolfsteiner
Annemarie WolfsteinerDermakosmetisches Fachinstitut
‘After nine years of positive experiences in laser dentistry, we were immediately impressed by the BYONIK® treatment concept with the PT laser. What works for the cells inside the mouth also works effectively on the outer layers of the skin – treatment with light. The effect of this soothing, relaxing treatment is always amazing. The skin’s pigmentation and pores become much smoother and silkier. The skin becomes firmer and wrinkles are significantly reduced. And BYONIK® Bio-Lifting is a welcome change for our practitioners. All of our clients enjoy coming for the treatment. This creates a positive, inspiring atmosphere in the practice.’ Practice location: Wil | SwitzerlandDr. Marianne Nydegger
Dr. Marianne Nydeggernydegger Praxis des Lächelns
‘The four most important factors of BYONIK® are a scientific background, safety for clients and patients, a non-invasive procedure without downtime, and aesthetic success for clients and patients through individual care. Also worth highlighting are applications for dermatological indications, folliculitis in the perioral and neck area, folliculitis perioralis/folliculitis barbae, and burns and scar treatment, to name but a few. The second major application is the aesthetic field, relating to hydration, skin radiance and anti-ageing. This is where cosmetics and medicine meet. Practice location: Munich | Registered expert in non-operative aesthetic medicineMark Posselt
Mark Posseltaesthetic partner
‘BYONIK® offers cosmetic results with the wow factor for my clients and me. Natural, gentle, biological and non-invasive. The skin becomes firmer, tighter and more attractive. It’s a form of detox for the skin cells. The treatment allows people to help themselves, which really interests me. BYONIK® is unique.’ Studio location: MalchinAnke Herrmann
Anke HerrmannBeauty Paradies
‘I LOVE BYONIK® – and so do my clients! I have clients who have enjoyed BYONIK treatments for years and haven’t aged a day. I was impressed by the BYONIK method from the very beginning, as it deeply moisturises the skin, reduces wrinkles and increases skin volume. BYONIK® ensures a fantastic natural, fresh complexion. In all honesty, seeing the long-term results and success of my clients, I fall in love with it all over again each day. BYONIK® is perfect at every age, for every skin condition, for prevention and regeneration, and, above all, for keeping the skin healthy. I’m so grateful that BYONIK® exists.’ Studio location: XantenTanja Zur
Tanja ZurHaus der Schönheit
‘We use the BYONIK® laser for a wide range of medical applications. In my dermatological medical practice, I use the BYONIK® laser to treat patients suffering from couperose, rosacea, dermatoses, neurodermatitis and psoriasis, among others. However, the aesthetic side of things should also be highlighted, as I believe the BYONIK® method is the most effective and technologically advanced non-invasive skin rejuvenation and regeneration treatment currently available on the market.’ Studio location: GrünwaldDr. med. Lieselotte Weigl-Heider
Dr. med. Lieselotte Weigl-HeiderKosmetikstudio Heider
‘Forty years working without BYONIK®, and now the forty-first using a laser! So many possibilities for problematic skin irritations with exceptionally gentle treatments. It’s a PROBLEM SOLVER. In a nutshell, clean skin cells means beautiful skin. I’ve never had it better. I will never give up my laser. My BYONIK®, my baby. Studio location: StralsundAndrea Brandt
Andrea BrandtBabor Beauty Spa
‘I’d like to pass on some things my clients have said to me: “I’ve been a client of Ms Nos-Moser for ten years, and I feel ten years younger thanks to BYONIK® laser treatments and my beloved High-Energy Cellomer anti-ageing cream.” After her first BYONIK® treatment, one initially very sceptical new client said, “My skin is like a newborn baby’s. I've never had these kinds of results with conventional cosmetic treatment. The lines around my eyes have gone. What kind of magic is this?” My answer was: “It’s all thanks to hyaluron and the BYONIK® laser – an unbeatable pair.”’ Studio location: Offenbach am MainPetra Nos-Moser
Petra Nos-MoserInstitut für ästhetische Kosmetik
‘Our clients love our laser and are really amazed by the results. They come for regular treatments and don’t ever want to stop. I have to say that the BYONIK® laser method has exceeded my expectations, and I really love working with it. It’s also important that my sales of the skincare products are good, so I can achieve the best possible results. My clients love the Seal and Creoline products in particular. I couldn’t be happier.’ Studio location: Bad Hall | AustriaBeate Wetzelmayer
Beate WetzelmayerCosmetic Institute
‘I’ve been working with the BYONIK® Pulse-Triggered Laser System for six years in my clinic, Dr Cosima Medispa. I’m proud to be the first provider of the BYONIK laser treatment in Australia. Our clients love these treatments and the very impressive results. Particularly in Australia, where we have around 300 days of sun per year, the supply and replenishment of hyaluron stores in the skin is essential for healthy skin. I was looking for a complete skin rejuvenation solution for a long time (without downtime and without ablation of the skin), and I’ve found the perfect solution in the combination of BYONIK® laser and hyaluronic acid injections (anti-wrinkle injections).’ Studio location: Sydney | AustraliaDr Cosima Karlburger
Dr Cosima KarlburgerDr Cosima Medispa
‘I’ve been working with the BYONIK® PTL Laser for over four years now. When I see the surprised, beaming, happy faces of my clients after their treatments, I know that I’ve chosen the right method. The BYONIK® PTL Laser is unique. And the loyalty shown by my clients is testimony to this.’ Studio location: NeumarktMargret Eckstein
Margret EcksteinKosmetik Moments
‘I’ve used lots of anti-ageing methods over the years in my professional experience, and so far I’ve had the most success among my clients with the BYONIK® laser. My clients talk about their excellent results with their friends and acquaintances, so my client base is constantly growing by word of mouth. The BYONIK method has proven successful in my practice with conditions such as acne and rosacea. Isabella Brikmann, Belle-Kosmetik.’ Studio location: CalberlahIsabella Brikmann
Isabella BrikmannBelle Kosmetik
‘I’ve been offering the BYONIK® method in my cosmetic studio since March 2014 with great success. The effects are outstanding – gentle, natural and non-invasive, with immediately noticeable effects after the first application. My clients are very satisfied, and I’m delighted with this.’ Studio location: EhningenSilvia Plötz
Silvia PlötzIsland of Beauty
‘Outstanding results. A healthy body and an attractive, youthful appearance are vital for the well-being of our clients. Our goal each and every day is to help them with this. The BYONIK® anti-ageing method is now a key part of our product range – even our most discerning clients are thrilled with the visible success.’ Studio location: Dornbirn | AustriaAndrea Graf
Andrea Grafmed fit Sport-therapie GmbH
‘My clients and I are very impressed by the BYONIK® laser, as the success is noticeable after the very first treatment. It’s unique and revitalises and invigorates our skin cells. I can only recommend wholeheartedly to my colleagues to give this treatment a try. We live and breathe this philosophy.’ Studio location: Linz | AustriaTamara Möstl
Tamara MöstlBeauty & Wellness
‘BYONIK®, SLIMYONIK® and the wonderful skincare products are exactly what my clients are looking for! As we all want to age well, these fantastic tools from Beauty Lumis have been critical to the success of my business for over five years.’ Studio location: WuppertalAnne-Gret Kaiser
Anne-Gret KaiserWohltat Kosmetik und mehr